2008: Soccer Stadium - Durban, South Africa

In response to a public tender in 2006, ZAI Pty Ltd formed part of a consortium of regional and international architectural practices to secure a second stage placement for the design & documentation for Durban’s 210 World Cup Soccer Stadium.

The stadium design embodied the emerging architecture – The New Ecology.

The New Ecology is a concept of the relationships between the macro and micro. It is an architecture playing its part in sustaining a place, a precinct, a city, a nation and a continent.

The architecture is apolitical and democratic, without superfluous elements, without redundancy, leading debate and responding to ideas, embodying the characteristics of balance, order, integrity and meaning, and sitting beyond fashion and style. It defines space, movement and the adrenalin rush.

The bid was unsuccessful, but the collaboration and interaction set a new direction in our design philosophy for public building design + urban planning.

Proposed gross building area was 98 000 sq m at a construction cost of $ 320 million [US]

We congratulate BKS on a successful bid.