2011: Exhibition + Convention Centre - Ordos, Inner-Mongolia, China

An international design competition limited to six shortlisted architectural practices for a new International Exhibition & Conference Centre with a gross floor area of 80 000 sq m.

Components include independent exhibition and conference facilities, a bus rank, structured parking for 1800 vehicles and outdoor exhibition spaces.

The Conference facility is planned for 600 delegates in the Plenary Hall and Banqueting for a 1000 delegates.

The built form takes its precedent from the cultural references of the region, which are translated into a language that embodies technology and defines a gateway destination and welcoming gesture.

At the heart of the architectural concept is the traditional Hada scarf, with its fee flowing, twisting form that is translated into the high tech, functional language of a ‘smart skin’.

The architectural language of the Hada scarf is re-engineered as an energy provider for the building with an external envelope that is functional, alive and pulsating with life.

The buildings are designed to achieve a minimum 6 star energy rating.

The buildings divert from the traditional wall and roof box structures to an architecture that is amorphous, transparent, inviting and of significant scale, as it competes with an international airport across the freeway.

The Hada scarf concept wraps both buildings in its cloth like form which flows out over a central plaza creating a gateway ‘eye’ when viewed from the airport and CBD. The framed void between the buildings is dramatic, pure and functional with the space planned as an outdoor room on a grand scale for outdoor exhibitions.

In association with Keymaster Consultants + Greatland – Guangzhou.

Adjudication in progress.