Ballito ICC, Hotel + Office park - South Africa

This 12 hectare site at the core of a new regional growth node north of the City of Durban - Greenland’s New Town Centre.

Development comprises an International Convention Centre + Exhibition Centre, Structured parking, Hotel and Office Park.

All components are planned for a phased delivery and for future growth without impacting on the individual businesses.

The steeply contoured site engages with three traffic boulevards with their associated commercial activities, a park, civic piazza and future rail links.

All building components have direct pedestrian and service linkages to each other, the expansive structure parking is centralised in a multi-levelled facility, over which is development a new park and energy harvesting centre which is an extension to the hotel ground floor facilities.

The design philosophy is that the development should achieve a 6 star international Green star rating as a minimum standard.

Not only will this philosophy be an excellent marketing tool in attracting future business for the Centres, but it also demonstrates a strong commitment to reduce the impact of the building on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide omissions and energy efficiency.

Gross development area is 60 000 sq m with the EIA process underway.

PROJECT Architect: Robin Herbert