Iran Zamin Mixed Development - Teheran, Iran

A building designed to place Teheran on the architectural world map.

A mixed use development of 240 000 sq m, comprising twin towers rising from a retail and exhibition podium on a triangulated site.

Components include:
  • Structured basement parking for 2500 cars,
  • Retail + exhibition space over 5 levels
  • An office tower of 56 floors
  • A Hotel / Apartment tower of 64 floors.

The buildings are biomorphic in scale and form. They are fluid and sensuous and float over the public space at plaza level. The towers are detailed as ‘grown, rather than built’

The buildings are designed as organic bio-climatic filters. Water and sky gardens are integral in heating, cooling and power generation. Sun, wind and water energy are harvested on site.

The structural steel exo-skeleton of the towers are ‘vine like’, creating constant visual movement in the structure from all vantage points.

The towers are a combination of clear and coloured glass in the upper extremities. The towers terminate in screw wind turbines, with the movement illuminated at night, reading as gas flares – energy expressed through natural resources.

Sun screens of photovoltaic cells, track the sun during the day, shielding the sky gardens, then use the energy gained to energise rotating illuminated bill boards by night, generating an income stream to cover monthly utilities and ongoing building maintenance.

Project architect: Eng-Kien Tan.